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SASCA Officer Installation 9/19/2021

SASCA Mid-Winter Minutes 3/6/2019

The SASCA Mid-Winter meeting was called to order at 6pm on Friday, March 6, 2020 at the Black Bear Inn & Suites in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, by the 2019-2020 SASCA President, Brian “Boo” Honeycutt.

The prayer and pledge of allegiance were led by Brian Honeycutt.

A motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was passed.

Old Business: None

New Business:



The official Clown hotel, the Sea Mist in Myrtle Beach, has been sold; fortunately, the new owners have agreed to honor the current contract. Rooms will be limited, first come, first served. Brian is working to procure more rooms for our convention in September. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Reservations for rooms at the Sea Mist are not yet available. You will be notified when you will be able to make your reservations.

Just a reminder, the resolution has passed allowing other Shrine organizations that are not SASA members to compete at SASCA. We are expecting a big turnout to compete in Myrtle Beach.

Schedule: The official dates of the SASCA Convention are:

Thursday, September 17 for registration (beginning at 2pm)

Friday, September 18

Registration (8-9am)

Competition starts at 9am.

Banquet that evening will include installation of 2020-2021 officers and presentation of trophies.

Saturday, September 19

Grand Parade, judging of the units

SASA President’s Banquet that evening will include presentation of both the SASA and SASCA parade trophies

Other SASCA Notes:

Brian has lined up two of the three judges, and hopes to have the other in place shortly.

We will be having a 50/50 raffle at our banquet as well as a silent auction. We are looking for items to auction. Your generosity, and any items that you might procure, will be appreciated.

We will also have the kick-off for the 2020-2021 fund-raiser.  


Brian stressed the importance of Membership. Not having the convention for two years definitely impacted our numbers. Brian requested that everyone put forth their best effort to restore SASCA to the numbers we had in the past.

Brian thanked everyone for attending the meeting and wished them a safe journey home. The meeting was adjourned at 7pm.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in Myrtle Beach.

Respectfully submitted by,

Wayne “WINKY” Wise

1st Vice President

SASCA Officer Conference call 2/21/2016 7pm

All current Officers on call : Tommy, Robbie, Jason, Brian, Randy, Gus, and Robert

Paradability discussed - parade 75 ft in parking lot - Officers decided getting entire units at competition would be too difficult. Consider individual paradability competition, to be discussed at next SASA meeting

Allowing SASCA Officers to parade with unit – Discuss at SASA mtg

Judges for SASA SASCA Competition. Contact Lon Burke for ISCA judge 618-730-2763. Planning on RC and Big John. Jason will call for 3rd judge.

Banquet – Robert set up with LeeAnn. Will be Friday night. Cost/Menu TBD. Robert will confirm asap. Will have discounted children’s tickets

Competition schedule - Keeping it Simple. Same schedule as last year

Thursday Business Meeting – 7pm

SASCA Pool Party - Time TBD. Randy prefers Thurs night after business meeting

Awards – Robert suggested trophies. Officers voted yes. Brian will inform Pat.

Shirts – Robert has them, can mail, bring to PF, or SASA

Logo - Will discuss later

Rooms – Robert has schedule of rooms, and will put on website

Misc – Robbie announced that Jamil Temple wants to rejoin SASCA and will forward roster.

He sent Kazim roster and bill due 4/1. Tommy will contact Kazim 2/22 to expedite payment.

Jericho contacted Robbie for SASCA info.

Robbie sent out letterhead to all officers today

Total SASCA members 326. (does not include life members)

Treasurers Report – Current balance $914.58 – 2/21/16 Report on page 2

Conference call ended at 8:03pm

Business Meeting September 18th 2014

 Meeting was called to order by President Michael Wallace at 7:00pm, Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was said. A Roll Call of Temples was conducted with the following results Acca 2, Beni Kedem 5, Hejaz 3, Kazim 24, Kosair 1, Omar 5, Sudan 14. Total of 54. There were five Past Presidents in attendance; Buddy Brown, Harry Moore, Ervin Hensley, Earl Frady, Robbie Jones. Minutes from our last Meeting were read and were approved as read. A Financial report was given by Treasurer Robbie Jones and he also stated that an audit was performed by Past Presidents Ervin Hensley and Earl Frady; Ervin Hensley stated everything was complete. Financial Report and Audit were approved as read. Past President Robbie also stated that our 2014 Bylaws were recently approved by SASA and Imperial, any changes that come forth tonight will be submitted at the end of the convention. The Home Temple Amendment was read and was passed, you must compete under your mother temples name and be an active clown in a clown unit of that temple, and an Associate membership does not count. A call for elections was made, a motion for all seated officers to advance one chair was made, received a 2nd and passed a vote, and this left vacancy for Sergeant at Arms, A nomination of Tommy Hayes- Kazim Temple was made. A call for nominations was made three times with no more nominations; Noble Tommy Hayes was elected to Sergeant at Arms by acclamation. A discussion was had about getting rid of the Novice Classes and having one Novice for all groups, several nobles spoke against the concept. Pat Godwin spoke of the changes to SASA next year. The parade will be on Friday night and a concert by Aaron Tippin will take place on Saturday. The officers are discussing what to do as far as an Awards and Officers Banquet. Outgoing President Michael Wallace thanked everyone for their support during his year. A motion to adjourn was made; meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm

Business Meeting March 15, 2014 1:00 pm

The Meeting was called to order by President Michael Wallace, Gus Lamond lead the Prayer and the pledge for allegiance was recited. Roll Call of the Temples was conducted, Acca 1, Beni Kedem 1, Hejaz 3, Kazim 1, Kosair 1, Rizpah 1, Sudan 1. Secretary Robbie Jones was absent and a report on the balance of the bank account was read by Jason Hinkle. Motion to accept by David Cunningham, 2nd by Earl Frady.

2nd reading of a bylaws change in which you must compete under you mother temples name and be active in a clown unit of that temple. Associate memberships will not count. Motion to accept and move to the 3rd reading by David Cunningham, 2nd by Earl Frady.

It was discussed that the Childrens Choice category would be moved closer to the individual competition this is just an administrative decision and will not require a vote.

Pat Godwin stated that Ed Harper will be in charge of booking the rooms for SASCA. Ed can be reached at 843-229-2138 or email at edsfixit@aol.comsubject sasca Rooms must be booked through this person for the Association to get credits that help with the cost of the banquet hall. Room information is available on the website at Mike discussed that the menu will be the same as last year but there will only be 100 tickets available instead of the 125 we have been getting. We have not sold 125 tickets in several years and the Association has to pay for unsold tickets.

We need to be able to get information out to the Temples and Units. There will be a sheet at competition if you would like to put your email address on it, we will only send SASCA and related items to your email.

Pat is looking for a central location to hold his Mid-winter Meeting at. Information will be put out as soon as it becomes available.

Earl Frady motion to adjourn, 2nd by DavidCunningham

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 pm

 Business Meeting Minutes  

 SASCA     Business Meeting

September 19, 2013

The business meeting was brought to order by President Bobby Fisher at 3:30pm.

Sickness and distress, Harry Moore reported on the condition of his wife Virginia, she is getting ready to have surgery for her Bone Cancer and is doing well as she gets ready for this procedure. Also prays were requested for one of the Clowns mother who was 91 and had fell and broke her hip. Ed Harper is home with his wife who has dementia and she is not doing too well and he isn’t either. He need hip surgery butt can’t stay in the hospital cause he the only care giver for his wife. Please keep them both in our prayers. Another member Griffin Byrd been sick for a few years, in a lot of pain needs our prayers for comfort.

The invocation was given by our Noble Chaplin Jack Knight, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Bobby Fisher.

Roll call of Temples was, Acca 2 present, Alee none present, Amran none present, Beni Kedem 5 present, El Hasa 1 present, Hejaz 2 present, Jamil none present, Jericho none present, Kazim 21 present, Kena none present, Kerberla 2 present, Khedive none present, Kosair 1 present, Nemesis none present, Oasis none present, Oleika none present, Omar 5 present, Rizpah 1 present, and Sudan 5 present.

Reading of the Minutes, A motion was made and seconded that we dispense with the reading the minutes as they were printed in the last issue of Clowning Around motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report, Past Presidents Jake Hensley and Buddy Brown reported that an audit of the book was ok, that all was in order. The Treasurer’s book was closed out on the 9th of March, 2013. At that time we had a balance of $1697.25. Since then we have paid all the bills are paid as of September 19, 2013 except for the trophies and the motel for this weekend with a balance of $2769.17. A motion made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report, motion passed.

No visitors, next we recognized the Past Presidents in attendance were Robert A. Jones 2003-2004, Harry E. Moore Jr. 2004-2005, A.R. Buddy Brown 2007-2008, Frank E. Moore 2008-2009, E. Keith Mason 2009-2010, E. Jake Hensley 2010-2011, and D. Earl Frady 2011-2012.

Old Business:

Second Vice President Pat Godwin Jr. Read the following.

The third reading of the Balloon competitions as adapted from ISCA with clarifications. These are posted in the March 2013 issue of Clowning Around. Also sending a copy to be posted again with these minutes. Some additions were brought up. Added was the use of a Sharpe for drawing eyes on Balloons. Also you do not have to be dressed to compete but you do have to register and have a number to compete. The fee is $10.00 for the category unless already competing then it’s just an extra $5.00 on top of the $10.00 fee already paid just like the Children’s Choice category. Voted and passed unanimously. It will be held in the September competition. A place will be set aside for the competition in the hall according the category they desire to enter. The contestants will be separated from any non-contestants. You can watch the contestants and the director will be responsible for maintaining order. At the time Judges will not be allowed in the area. While judging is going on all but the Judges will be asked to leave. You may compete in either the single or multiple balloon category but not both. No one will be allowed to touch the creation but the director until after it has been judged.

The two categories of balloon competition are:

Single, any creation made using one of any 130, 245, 260, or 280 pencil balloon.

Multiple, any creation made using two or more balloons of any type.

For both category the following rules apply, the contestant must declare before the competition begins which category he will compete.

No glue or devise evident will be allowed to hold the creation together.

Contestants will be given 15 minutes to make his creation. He may make more than one creations during this time, but only one will be allow per category entered single or multiple.

When the contestants is finished or when the time is up, that contestant will clean up his area and present his creation in the designated area in the way he wants it presented. He must place his number in a noticeable place beside his creation and leave the area without disturbing any other creation.

The balloon judging score sheet will be used to score the creations. There will be a first, second and third place trophy awarded for both category.

The third reading of the One Man Skit was next to extend the time from two minutes total to five minutes. One minute (if needed) to set up, three minute to do the skit, and one minute (if needed) to tear down and clean up afterward. Voted on and passed. All changes to the By-Laws have to go to SASA and then Imperial, and back to be in effect. If this happens by September it will be used at the fall meeting.

The third reading of the elimination of the Novice Class, a motion was made to change the Novice Class from its current status to become all one Class like it is in the 55 and older category. Robbie reported it did not pass.

By-laws committee report, First Vice President Mike Wallace said after reviewing the By-laws there was two points in there that we needed to address. First was that in the By-laws it says that the organization is to provide a proper Fez for Officers, he recommends that it be dropped.

On the competition, the committee recommends that you will be recognize by your home Temple. Associate membership in another Temple doesn’t get you anything. It must be your home or Mother Temple and then if you are going to compete, you must be an active member in a clown unit in that Temple, to be able to compete and you must compete under that unit name.

These are the changes we are recommending and the adding of the competition changes to the new By-laws. We will submit to Imperial.

President Bobby J. Fisher called for a discussion on the changes before voting on the committee’s recommendations. These will be read again in March at our Mid-Winters meeting and voted on in the following September fall meeting. If passed it will be sent on to Imperial for their approval.

President Bobby thanked the committee.

New Business:

Secretary/Treasurer said we paid for 125 meals and we had at the time of the meeting 60 tickets left. A discussion followed that we need to sell all the tickets we commit to.

Election of Officers.

Past President Buddy Brown was asked to step forward and direct the election. He called on a motion that all seated Officers be advanced by one chair, the motion was made and seconded, voted on and passed.

Next was the election of the new Sargent at Arms. The nominations were for Noble Gus Lamond from Acca Temple and Noble Sonny Stevens from Kerbela Temple. The vote was 6 to 4 for Noble Gus Lamarr. Noble Sonny was encouraged to run again next year

Next was the election for the office of Secretary/Treasurer. No one stepped up and took the office. Noble Robbie Jones after a long discussion did decide to stay on one more year. It was also brought up to consider splitting the job into two jobs held by two Nobles, A discussion on this follow a motion and a seconded. After much discussion the motion was withdrawn. A motion was then made and passed that the By-law committee investigate the separate of the job of Secretary/Treasurer.

Officers thanked everyone and gave their closing comments.

Mid-winters in 2014 will be back at the Sea Mist.

The meeting was closed with prayer by Chaplin Jack Knight.

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