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2015 Winners

Novice Auguste

Mike Peay 1st Place

Joey Pugh 2nd Place

Tony Johnson 3rd Place

Novice Tramp

Giles Gilley 1st Place

Novice Hobo

Marcus Fullen 1st Place


Gary Norris 1st Place

Eddie Holder 2nd Place

Ashley Mason 3rd Place

Open Auguste

Darren Craig 1st Place

Joel Campbell 2nd Place

Sonny Stevens 3rd Place

Open Whiteface

Gregg Kennedy 1st Place

Cary Guill 2nd Place

Keith Mason 3rd Place

Open Tramp

Woody Wilson 1st Place

Oscar Wilson 2nd Place

Mike Wallace 3rd Place

Open Hobo

Virgil(Tommy) Wilson 1st Place

Keith Rice 2nd Place

Jake Hensley 3rd Place

55 and Over

Jerry Callahan 1st Place

Roger Harrah 2nd Place

Ken Page 3rd Place

Individual Skit

Gary Norris 1st Place

Jim Fankahnel 2nd Place

Ashley Mason 3rd Place

2 Man Skits

1st Place

2nd Place

Unit Skit

1st Place

2nd Place

Childrens Choice


Mike Peay


Parade Awards

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